Veleco Faster Mobility Scooter Review

Welcome! Today, we’ll be conducting a Veleco Faster mobility scooter review.

It’s been on the market for a little over a year and a half, so the technology is up-to-date and that also allows enough time to gauge the market’s response to it.

And that response has been strong, it’s currently the top seller in the UK market, amid plenty of good online reviews.

We’ve put it through our Mobility Scooter Geek testing to determine if it’s worthy of that status or whether it’s overrated.

Let’s get right to it then, shall we?

Veleco Faster Mobility Scooter Review

Introducing the Veleco Faster Mobility Scooter Review

Here it is:

Blue Lead-acid version

Red Lead-acid version

And here are the essential specifications:

BatteryLead-acid / Lithium ion
Removable BatteryYes
Battery Charging Time6-8 hours
Max. Range30-40 miles (45-60km)
Max. Speed8mph
Motor Size1000W (60V)
Dimensions160 × 70 × 120 cm (105 cm without mirrors)
Weight of Scooter126kg (19 stone)
Max. User Weight25 stone (160kg)
BrakesFront: Disk brake; Rear: Drum brake

They’re the stats. Now let’s talk about how the Veleco Faster actually performs. We’ll talk about the good things, the bad things, and who would need a mobility scooter like this.

What We Liked About The Veleco Faster

Here are the things that performed well in our tests:

Very powerful (and fast!)

For that standard of mobility scooters, this is a very powerful motor. The most powerful on the market, in fact.

It tested really well for getting up steep slopes. This is not a scooter that is going to give you any trouble getting around, it’s the best equipped on the market to deal with uneven ground and hills, that less powerful scooters struggle with.

That’s important if the scooter driver is a heavier person; this scooter has enough power to move you, up to a recommended maximum user weight of 25 stone. Less powerful scooters can sometimes be very sluggish and can break down more easily with a heavier driver on board.

If you’re worried it’s too powerful, don’t be. The maximum speed is 8mph. It just means that you have a bit more zip, it won’t take an age to get up to a decent speed.

If you want to know more about the maximum speed of mobility scooters: How fast do mobility scooters go?

It’s delivered fully assembled

That’s far from always the case. It’s just a nicer feeling when something arrives done, sparkling new and ready to use, right?

Plenty of mobility scooters arrive as a bunch of separate components for you to put together; not the Veleco Faster, though.

Long range

The 30-40 mile range of this scooter is as much as double many other mobility scooters on the market.

The main reason for such a long range is the high quality motor and battery, either Lithium or lead-acid, depending which model you choose.

This has major benefits in terms of safety (as we’ll go on to discusss) and convenience. It’ll allow you to go on much longer journeys than other mobility scooters would allow. And it requires charging less often, giving you less hassle and saving you time.

The safest mobility scooter on the market


Well, let’s go into that in-depth. Here are the safety features that make it the safest on the market, and how they contribute to your wellbeing and protection while you’re on the scooter.

Safety FeatureWhy It’s Important
Powerful LED lightIt’s inevitable that you’re going to be travelling in the dusk or even at night, sooner or later. A powerful LED light is essential for you to have more visibility. This is a key advantage in safety compared to other mobility scooters.
Strong brakesVeleco are the highest quality mobility scooter maker in the world. In accordance with the increased power of the Faster, there are high quality brakes to match. They’ll stop you swiftly, and will continue to work well over time. That’s really not something to take a chance on.
4 wheelsThe effect on stability of having 4 wheels compared to 3 is massive; and so the Veleco Faster feels a lot more stable than any other mobility scooter. Having 4 wheels, rather than 3, as most scooters have, means greater stability and therefore a safer ride. It has more ability to stay upright no matter the speed, sharpness of the turn and to do so on any surface, no matter how rough it may be.
Big wheelsCheck out a bunch of mobility scooters, and you’ll notice they have small wheels. That’s inevitable with Class 2 foldable scooters. This scooter, however, has nice, big wheels, which improves the ride and also contributes to stability.
Long rangeThe range (30-40 miles) is so long because of Veleco’s build quality being so high. And it’s a result of the Lithium ion battery, which can store more power and allow you to travel much further than mobility scooters which have lead-acid batteries. Why is this a safety benefit? Because with such long range it’s much less likely that you’ll run out of battery power and be stranded somewhere!
Wide seatYou’re always going to feel safe and stable on this seat. You’re not going to come off it, no matter has fast you go or how sharp you turn around a corner
Hardtop roof (optional extra)If you get the version of the Faster with a hardtop roof then it gives the scooter an added safety and health benefit. Keeping the rain from hitting you improves your visibility; and allows you to maintain your full peripheral vision. Wearing a hooded jacket can impair this and can be dangerous, especially if you’re on the road. Not only that, but the less rain you get on you, it means you can stay drier and warmer and is better for your health.

Security features beyond the vast majority of mobility scooters

It comes with both an alarm and a steering wheel lock.

Most mobility scooters have neither, so this scooter has a significant advantage in terms of security.

It’s really comfortable

It’s a pleasant place to be when you’re sitting in it. There are a few reasons for that

  • the seat itself is comfortable, and wide enough for all sizes of person.
  • adjustable backrest – move this backward or forward and get the most comfortable angle between your hips and your back. Tailor it exactly as you need it at each moment.
  • moveable armrests – this is something that sounds like an insignificant feature. A nice enough feature, without being particularly beneficial. But actually, the ability to rest your arms on here whenever needed can make a major difference to your comfort. Since it provides valuable support to your arms, it allows you to feel more at ease, especially if you’re in your scooter for a long time.
  • front and rear suspension. Another thing that most mobility scooters don’t have. And it makes the ride a lot smoother, less jarring, and ultimately more comfortable. Without suspension, you may feel the effects of a long ride in your limbs and your body more. The double suspension is of particular benefit if you ever travel on an uneven, rocky surface, like cobbled streets.

Fast charging

This surprised us.


Well, remember that this is a powerful Lithium Ion battery bank (5 x 20Ah), and, typically, a bigger battery will always take longer to charge than a smaller one.

Yet, this Veleco scooter’s battery charges faster. Huh?

Most of the top scooters on the market today take 8 to 10 hours, or even 10-14 hours for a full charge.

The reason is that Veleco’s scooters use the most up-to-date Lithium batteries. They charge much faster than older Lithium batteries.

Even with the quick charging, the Veleco Faster’s power is the highest in the market and it has a much higher range than any other mobility scooter as well. You’ll get much further on a single charge.

What We Didn’t Like About This Veleco Mobility Scooter

We did discover a few drawbacks about this scooter in our test procedures, though. Here they are:

It’s heavy

That exceptional power, the 4 wheels, the stability come at a price; and that price is weight.

It’s 126kg (19 stone). If you need a mobility scooter than can be carried around without too much difficulty, this is not the one for you.

Lack of portability

Not surprising, this. But it must be mentioned all the same.

It’s a Class 3 scooter, no scooter of this type is portable. It doesn’t fold up into a smaller size and it certainly won’t fit inside a car boot!

That’s not what Class 3 scooters like this are meant for, and the Veleco FASTER is no different.

Poor turning circle compared to 3 wheel mobility scooters

As a 4 wheel scooter, the turning circle is not as tight as you’d find on a 3 wheel scooter.

This is always going to be the case with a 4 wheel scooter.

If very sharp turns are particularly important to you, then get a 3 wheel scooter instead of this one.

Anything else we need to know?

The legal stuff

As a Class 3 scooter, it’s completely road legal. You don’t need a licence, and you don’t need to pay vehicle or road taxes of any kind.

You can also drive it on the pavement and any public places. The same as with Class 2 scooters.

You do need to register it with the DVLA. That’s free and very simple to do, filling in a single form and sending to the DVLA is all you need to do.

If you’ll be using it on the road (mobility scooter laws UK), it’s recommended to get insurance as well.

Nice little features to mention

  • there’s a really handy box at the back of the scooter that you can put your shopping in. And space under the seat, too.
  • USB charger – easily charge your phone, tablet or other electronic devices
  • cup holder – another seemingly insignificant thing that actually comes in super handy in reality. If you’ve gotten a coffee or a cup of soft drink when you’re out, you can keep it in here and continue drinking it later.
  • reverse gear. Not all mobility scooters have this, and it can literally get you out of tight spots at times.
  • parking brake – another safety feature, and nice to have.
  • {if you get the model with Lithium ion battery}, the Lithium-ion battery is removable. That means you can easily take it out and charge it inside at your convenience, without having to move the mobility scooter itself around. With most scooters on the market, it’s a lead-acid battery, which cannot be taken out.

Choose between Lithium ion or Lead acid battery

Veleco have a model of the Faster which comes with a lead-acid battery and a model which comes with a Lithium ion battery.

What’s the difference?

  1. Lithium ion batteries can last as much 3 to 5 times longer than lead acid.
  2. The model with Lithium ion battery allows you to remove the battery for charging. But if you get the model with the lead-acid battery, it must be charged while its still in the scooter.
  3. The Lithium ion battery model costs around £350 more. Since this battery will last considerably longer than lead-acid battery, it is likely to still work out cheaper (since you’d have had to purchase a replacement lead acid battery several times).

Red model with Lithium Battery

Roof or no roof?

You can choose to buy the Veleco Faster with or without a high-quality hardtop roof.

It’s a high quality canopy roof, with a windshield.

With our weather, you won’t be overly surprised to learn that most people in the UK choose the model with the roof.

While you can wear a jacket to protect yourself from the rain, it’s a lot more comfortable, nicer and safer to be under a roof that stops the rain from hitting you in the first place.

It costs an additional approx. £250 to get the model with the hardtop roof.

It comes in 4 colours

And they are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Red

Is the ability to go up steep hills important for you?

Here’s the best mobility scooters for steep slopes, which has the Veleco Faster as the No.1 most powerful scooter.

Summing Up Veleco Faster Mobility Scooter Review

Overall, it’s an excellent example of a Class 3 mobility scooter.

No mobility scooter is perfect but our testing has determined that the Veleco Faster has three primary major advantages over the competition.

And they are that it’s 1) the safest and 2) the most powerful and 3) the most comfortable scooter on the market.

If you want a mobility scooter that’s portable, light and fast-charging, look elsewhere. You won’t get those things with the Veleco Faster mobility scooter.

What you do get is Veleco’s excellent build quality, and well-renowned after care and service.

We’ll also point out that it’s not cheap, so you’ll need to decide if the safety, power and comfort benefits and features we’ve mentioned in this review are worth the price for you.

Good luck with your decision-making!

veleco faster scooter

If it’s for you, here’s the best place to get the Blue lead-acid model, on Amazon.

And the Red Lead-acid model, is here.

Blue Lead-acid version

Red Lead-acid version