Veleco ZT15 Review (Mobility Scooter)

Shall we check out one of the UK’s top selling mobility scooters, and see if it’s any good? Yeah, let’s!

Here, for your reading pleasure, is our Veleco ZT15 review.

We put it through its paces, delved into Veleco as a company and came to an ultimate conclusion on how good, or otherwise, it is.

See the basic specs about the Veleco ZT15 (price on Amazon) below, then check out the full review that follows.

Veleco ZT15

  • Weight: 93kg
  • Max. driver weight: 25 stone (159kg)
  • Dimensions: 170 x 70 x 130 cm
  • Range: 20-30 miles
  • Speed: 8mph (max. UK legal limit)

What is the basis for our Veleco ZT15 review?

We tested it for the following attributes and features:

  • Comfort, ease of use and just now nice it is to be on it
  • Ability to handle irregular terrain, like grass or bumpy roads
  • Power, particularly on hills
  • Battery lifespan
  • Materials and component quality
  • Range (distance travelled on one full charge)
veleco zt15 review

Rating the Veleco ZT15 Mobility Scooter

Let’s check out the positives and negatives of this Veleco mobility scooter.

Veleco ZT15

Pros and who would need this mobility scooter:

It’s significantly more powerful than other scooters in this price bracket
It can really move. Of course, 8mph is the maximum speed but it’s been limited to that level, since it’s the maximum speed a scooter can go under UK law. But there’s a really nice boost in power in the ZT15 when you put your foot down. That also is part of the reason for its comfort and ease on rough terrain, which we’ll go on to discuss.

Really good value for money
The price tag for the Veleco ZT15 mobility scooter is comfortably less than the average price for a mobility scooter in the UK. And yet we rate it as one of the best for quality and features included. For example:

  • A powerful LED headlight (most scooters don’t have)
  • 900W motor (significantly more power than almost all other scooters on the market)
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Rear lights
  • Under-seat storage (most scooters don’t have)

Great on slopes and uneven ground
We found it went across rough terrain without a hitch. This is a serious advantage we’ve found that Veleco scooters have over pretty much the entire rest of the market. It’s a lot to do with its superior power but the entire structure of the ZT15 is really well put together and the components are high quality.

Copes well with heavier users
Drivers up to 25 stone, say Veleco, and we reckon that’s about right. Its the above-mentioned power and build quality coming into play again. It can cope well with a heavier load and still keep its power.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It’s really quite heavy
Weighing in at 93kg, it’s a heavyweight mobility scooter for sure. That makes it as much as 3 or 4 times heavier than the lightest fold up scooters. So we advise you the following: really think about how you’ll use and store the scooter day-to-day. If it needs to be manoeuvred by hand, or lifted up at any time (for example, into a scooter storage shelter), you’ll need to consider whether that’s possible and realistic for you to do so.

The ZT15 uses Lead-acid batteries, instead of Lithium
The majority of scooters still use lead-acid. But there’s no doubt that Lithium batteries will have a longer lifespan and have more consistent power delivery. If you want a Veleco scooter with a Lithium battery, you can check out the Veleco Faster.

Where can you buy it from?

Check out the ZT15 scooter’s price, details and specifications on Amazon.

Who are Veleco?

Veleco are a Polish company, they have a growing reputation in the mobility scooter market.

Their products are known for being high quality. After-care and customer service seem to be pretty good, too.

Best value scooter on the UK market?

That’s certainly what we called it, in the Best Mobility Scooter UK.

Veleco ZT15 Review Summary

That brings our Veleco ZT15 Review to a close.

As you read, it’s certainly a feature packed scooter, and fantastic value. It’s powerful, and handles heavy drivers and slopes and uneven ground in a way most scooters aren’t capable of.

Bear in mind, though, it’s really heavy and isn’t that easy to maneuvre. And, rather disappointingly for a scooter with such advanced aspects, it comes with Lead-acid, not Lithium batteries.

Here’s where to see Veleco ZT15 pricing and more info, if you decide it’s the right model for you.