Livewell Jaunt Mobility Scooter Review

Scooters is the name of our game, mobility ones at that. We feel it’s our duty to keep you informed about them – particularly by testing them, rating them, letting you know what we liked and didn’t like.

It’s time, then, for a Livewell Jaunt Mobility Scooter review.

We list some basic facts about it in the section below. Ensure it’s the right type for you, then go on and read read the full deep dive into the Livewell Jaunt.

Livewell Jaunt Mobility Scooter

  • Weight: 47.6kg
  • Max user weight: 21.4 stones (136kg)
  • Dimensions: Length: 102cm, Height: 91cm, Width: 56cm

Let’s discuss how we tested the Livewell Jaunt and what aspects we rated it on.

Those key factors were:

  • Ride smoothness, or otherwise
  • Power on an even surface
  • Power on steep hills
  • How well it coped with rough ground
  • Build quality
  • Battery life and reliability of power delivery
livewell jaunt mobility scooter review

Rating the Livewell Jaunt Mobility Scooter

What were the pros and cons of this scooteer?

blue version, above

red version, above

Livewell Jaunt Mobility Scooter

Pros and who’s the right type of buyer for this scooter:

Its one of the most reliable scooters on the market
We don’t just check how a scooter performs in practice, we check it’s background with plenty of different sources. And we hear of very few mechanical or electrical issues; it’s well regarded by mobility scooter distributors, and it gets a ton of strong reviews online. For a scooter of this price, that’s extremely rare. Now, let’s talk about that price…

Its phenomenal value
As of our latest calculations (March, 2023), the average price of a scooter on the UK market is £1,423. You can find this scooter for well under half that. And price is currently lower than we’ve seen it for a long while.

Made by a respected brand
Livewell are a well-thought-of UK brand of mobility scooters, they’re not a maker hidden away in the depths of the Far East. Their after-care and customer service is really good.

It’s sturdy and powerful
It’s solid, well-made. It’s neither particularly light nor particularly heavy compared to other scooters, at 47.6kg. It can take a user weight of up to 21.4 stone – that makes it one of the best performing scooters on the market, relative to its weight. Maximum speed is 4mph, so bear in mind this is not a road scooter (it’s not Class 3, so it’s not road legal). But we found that it’s good on slopes, with a 220W motor, and copes well with a heavier scooter rider.

It’s transportable
What do we mean by transportable? Well, it means it can be broken up into 5 different parts and put in the boot of a car, and then transported to your destination, where it can be put back together. So you could call it a boot scooter. And we found it to be surprisingly simple to take apart and put back together. The heaviest part is 15.9kg, most people will be able to lift that. Of course it’d be better if it was foldable (more on that later), but you can’t have it all!

Cons and why this model is not for you:

Range is not that long
It’s 10 miles. That’s not bad, but some of the latest mobility scooters are doing as much as three times that (admittedly you’re paying 3 times the price).

It’s not a folding scooter
It doesn’t fold up easily into a more compact unit. If you travel on public transport regularly and you want to take your mobility scooter, you’re better off looking into lightweight, folding scooters. We call the Livewell Jaunt a transportable scooter.

Where is the best place to get it?

We found it for the lowest cost, at this seller on Amazon (blue). And the red version.

Livewell Jaunt Mobility Scooter Review Summary

Thanks for reading our Livewell Jaunt Mobility Scooter Review.

As you read, it’s a well-made, reliable and high-performing scooter, and with a really low price, may well be the best value for money on the market.

It doesn’t have the longest range, so don’t plan any long trips on this scooter, unless you know you’ll be able to charge it at your destination.

And it doesn’t fold up, there are better options (see the best fold up scooters) if you want to use on the bus or train regularly.

Best of luck with your choice on the Livewell Jaunt scooter. Check out the blue version here, or the red version here.