Best Mobility Scooter For Heavy Adults UK

The UK’s mobility scooter experts do a deep dive on the Best Mobility Scooters For Heavy Adults.

We’ve tested, analysed and rated the mobility scooters that are the strongest made, and still have enough power to move well with a heavier or larger adult rider.

At No.1 is, by a distance, the Veleco ZT63. This is a scooter made to handle heavy users, able to handle much more weight than any other scooter on the UK market. No.2 is the Pride Gogo Elite Traveller Sport, from a company known for the quality of their scooters. And at No.3, the best Folding option, remarkably heavy duty for a folding scooter, is the Wisging mobility scooter. Coming in at No.4 is the top budget option, the Livewell Jaunt scooter.

Top pick

Veleco ZT63

Max user weight: 31 stone (199kg)
Weight of scooter: 99kg (15.5 stone)
No. of wheels: 3
Folding: No
Price: ££

best transportable mobility scooter

Pride Gogo Elite Traveller Sport

Max user weight: 23.1 stone (147kg)
Weight of scooter: 53kg (8.3 stone)
No. of wheels: 4
Folding: No (but can be disassembled into 5 pcs)
Price: £

best folding, lightweight for heavy adults

Wisging mobility scooter

Max user weight: 20 stone (127kg)
Weight of scooter: 25.4kg (4 stone)
No. of wheels: 3
Folding: Yes
Price: ££

best budget option scooter

Livewell Jaunt

Max user weight: 21.4 stone (136kg)
Weight of scooter: 47.6kg (7.5 stone)
No. of wheels: 3
Folding: No
Price: £

In each category, we selected the best mobility scooter of that type. Of course, the most important quality was weighted, well, heavily – that is the the ability of the scooter to handle a heavy adult.

Here were the categories we looked at:

  • Ability to handle a heavy user
  • Build quality
  • Robustness of the seat and armrests
  • Ability to maintain power with a heavy adult riding the scooter
  • Manufacturer after-care
  • Portability or ease of folding, if applicable
  • Smoothness of the ride
  • Power on slopes

We’ll also talk about the key aspects your mobility scooter must have to be able to handle a heavy load.

Finally, we’ll talk about how to identify the right mobility scooter for your particular needs.

Best Mobility Scooter For Heavy Adults Category Winners

best mobility scooter for heavy adults UK

Mobility Scooter For A Heavy Adult Reviews

Let’s see how each category’s winning scooter fared in our tests. Here are the pros and cons of each model, and why each one may or may not be right for you.

Top pick

Veleco ZT63

Pros and who this mobility scooter is best suited to:

It has, by a long way, the most ability to handle a heavy adult
Its maximum user weight is 31 stone, that’s nearly 200kg. Only a few other mobility scooters, like the Veleco Faster, even come close, being able to handle 25 stone. So if you want the maximum ability to handle heavy weight, this is the one for you. In our testing of the top mobility scooters in the UK, we found that Veleco mobility scooters have the best build quality. They’re made by Velo Bike, very high-spec

Much more power with a large weight on board than any other scooter
In our testing, the power was still really strong. The other scooters couldn’t match this. The ZT63 has a 650W motor, and that’s around 3 to 5 times the amount of power offered by most other mobility scooters on the market (again, only a few other Veleco models can match or exceed that motor power). With this amount of power, there was much less difference between a lighter and heavier rider than could be noticed on other scooters. And, importantly, it’s great on slopes too, we found it handled well on steeper hills. It’ll ascend inclines up to 17° (30%).

It has excellent range
Veleco’s scooters are made with the latest technology, and have better range than most mobility scooters on the market. The ZT63 range is a huge 25-35 miles on a single charge.

The smoothness and comfort of the ride is great
The Veleco ZT63 is made with full suspension; in our testing, even on rough ground and uneven surfaces, it was still a steady, smooth ride. The seat is comfortable, too.

We felt it looked great, with retro style
It looks a lot better than the vast majority of other scooters, with cool Italian retro style. Even like a vespa, we reckon. And it was designed with that style in mind. This may or may not be something consider important, but it’s a nice bonus, in any case!

You can drive it on the road, if you want
It’s a Class 3; you can legally drive this scooter on the road. It’ll go up to 8mph and has head light, indicators and mirrors.

It’s actually good value
It’s not cheap, that’s not what we’re saying. It’s a lot of money to invest. But when you look at the market, and see other scooters which are more expensive but don’t offer the same excellence in power, comfort, security and modern build quality, you realise that the ZT63 is good value.

Cons and reasons it’s not a fit for you:

The scooter itself is heavy
is it perhaps inevitable that a scooter that can handle a substantial weight will be heavy itself? It’s 99kg, nearly 15.5 stone. If you’re going to need to lift it at any point, you may well need help to do so.

It’s not easily transportable
Realistically, you’re not getting this mobility scooter in a car or on public transport. If you want a scooter that is both able to handle a heavy adult AND is transportable then check out the No.2 and No.3 category winners in this article for the best transportable and best folding, lightweight scooters for heavy users.

Where can you check it out?

We’ve found the lowest cost place to buy it, it’s this seller on Amazon.

best transportable mobility scooter

Pride Gogo Elite Traveller Sport

Positives and who needs this scooter:

It handles heavy adults very well
That’s why it’s No.2 on our list and the best mobility scooter for heavy users that is also transportable. We found that it stayed strong with a large weight on board, and still felt powerful and more than decent on slopes, as well. It has a maximum user weight of 23.1 stone.

It combines its sturdiness with portability
The Pride Gogo Elite Traveller Sport is transportable. You can disassemble it into 5 different parts. These can then be put into the car boot, for example, and taken to your destination, where they can be put back together. The heaviest part is the five pieces is 20kg. So whoever is doing the work to put it into and out of the car boot will need to be able to lift that amount of weight.

It’s a lot lighter than the Veleco ZT63 scooter
This Pride Gogo Elite scooter is 53kg (8.3 stone), that’s not far off half the weight of the ZT63. That’s relatively lightweight, given its ability to cope with a user with a weight up to 23.1 stone. Pride are a very well established and trusted mobility scooter maker, and this fact is a testament to the build quality they offer. If you’ll need to be lifting the scooter for any reason (up a few steps at your home, perhaps?), then this could be the right model for you.

It’s reasonably priced
While still around 20-30% more than our budget option, the Pride Traveller Elite model is relatively inexpensive.


It’s harder to transport than a Folding scooter
It’s transportable but, as we mentioned, you do have to take it apart into five different pieces to do so. It’s not very hard to do so, but does require some physical mobility. If you reckon that’s too difficult then the No.3 on this list, the Wisging folding scooter, is your best option.

It’s pretty slow to charge the battery
It can take around 16 hours. It’s two lead-acid battery, 18Ah each. That’s more battery capacity than most (and partly explains the strong power offered by this model). But it does come at the cost of taking quite a long time to charge.

It’s not as good on slopes as the Veleco ZT63 (or other Veleco models)
To be clear, it’s better on slopes than almost all mobility scooters on the market. It’ll handle slopes of up to 8°. But that pales to the Veleco ZT63’s climbing ability (of 17°).

Where can you check it out?

Here’s the cheapest seller, right here.

best folding, lightweight for heavy adults

Wisging Folding Mobility Scooter

Positive aspects and who needs this :

For a folding scooter, it handles heavy adults very well
We’d like to set your expectations in the right place. Folding scooters, that is scooters that fully fold up and can be pretty easily wheeled around, are always going to have less ability than non-folding scooters to cope with considerable weight. But if you need a folding scooter, then this is the one on the UK market that copes best.

It’s super light
It’s just 25.4kg (4 stone) in weight. So lightweight, in fact that it appears on our Best Lightweight, Folding Scooter list.

Folds down very easily
Almost all users will be able to fold it down. It takes literally a few seconds and with very little physical exertion required.

Good on slopes
It’ll take you up quite comfortably on slopes up to 15°. Outside, of Veleco scooters, that’s the best on the market.

It has Lithium -ion batteries
Why is that a good thing? A few reasons. Lithium batteries for scooters are longer lasting, and can cope better if you ever fail to fully charge it. They’re also resistant to sulfation, which is the main reason that lead-acid batteries die.

Cons and reasons why it’s not for you:

Loses power when close to the maximum user weight
When the user weight gets close to the maximum capacity of 20 stone, you can feel the power dropping. It won’t scale slopes quite so easily as well. This is a trade-off you have to accept if you want a folding mobility scooter. As we mentioned earlier, this model is the best folding scooter that can carry heavier weigh adults.

The seat isn’t the largest
The seat width is 41cm. That’s not tiny. But this is another trade-off you must accept if you want a folding scooter. The seat is always going to be smaller. 41cm is still more than almost all other folding scooters on the UK market.

Price is just okay
It costs a little more than the No.2 on our list, the Pride Gogo Traveller Sport model.

Where can you get it?

The best place to check it out is here.

best budget option scooter

Livewell Jaunt Portable Boot Scooter

Pluses and who needs this mobility scooter:

Fantastic value
This is a very low price for a mobility scooter. And a good quality one, at that – the feedback we regularly get on this scooter is that it works well and lasts well. That’s one of the key reasons why the Livewell Jaunt has been one of the UK’s top-selling scooters for a few years now.

It’s a boot scooter (though not folding)
Which means you can fit it into your boot. It’s not folding, rather it can be disassembled into 5 different parts. The heaviest part is 15.9kg, that’s a fair bit lighter than other similar transportable mobility scooters.

Convenient charging
The battery housing clicks into and out of place really easily. So you can charge it while it’s in the scooter or you can detach it for charging. This is a small detail which can have far-reaching implications for some people. For people who live on a high floor but keep their scooter at ground level, they simply MUST be able to remove the battery to charge it.

Retains power well even with heavy users
It’s still got pretty good power even with a heavy load. Users can weigh up to 21.4 stone. Of course, power did fade with heavier riders, and you could feel the decrease in power on slopes.

Why this mobility scooter is not the right one for you:

Relatively low range
10 miles is not bad; it’s more than some scooters that cost fully £1k more! But it’s only a half to a third of the range of the other scooters on this list.

Transportable but not that conveniently
As with the Pride Gogo model on this list, it can be broken up into 5 parts. It’s not super difficult to do so, but of course it’s far less convenient and easy to do that a folding scooter, like the Wisging model. You’ll need to have be or to have someone else around with decent mobility and strength to do so.

Here’s a Livewell Jaunt mobility scooter review.

Where is the best place to get it?

The lowest cost it can be found for is on Amazon, here.

How to choose which mobility scooter for heavy adults is right for you?

Here’s how to choose which is the best mobility scooter for heavy adults.

Do you need your scooter to be able to be transported?

If you need it to be transported in a car for the occasional trip and you have someone to help or have decent range of movement yourself, then a scooter that can be disassembled will work fine. It doesn’t take very long, and it’s not that hard to do. If so, the scooters at place No.2 (the Pride Gogo Elite Traveller Sport) and No.4 (the Livewell Jaunt) will meet your needs.

If you have a more regular need to transport the scooter in a boot, then a Folding scooter is better for you. You’ll need the No.3 on our list, the Wisging Foldable scooter. Or if you want to take it on public transport (guide to taking your scooter on the train; and scooters on the bus), it must be a folding scooter. It’s light eight is a crucial advantage in this context, as well.

If you don’t need to be able to transport the scooter in a car, then the No.1 top pick is the one for you, the Veleco ZT63.

How important is power and travelling up slopes?

All the scooters on this list passed our tests for their ability to retain power with a heavier adult on them; that’s why they’re the winners of each category on this list.

There’s no doubt that the No.1 and No.2 have the most power, particularly the Veleco ZT63, with a massive 650W motor and ability to traverse 17˚ slopes.

Choose the Wisging scooter only if you must have a Folding scooter, and choose the Livewell Jaunt if you need the lowest price possible for a scooter able to take a heavy load.

Best Mobility Scooter For Heavy Adults Summary

We hope this has been enlightening for you on this topic. Those were our winners for the Best Mobility Scooter For Heavy Adults UK.

The clear winner was the hugely sturdy and powerful Veleco ZT63. It’s phenomenal value considering what you get. The Pride Gogo Elite Traveller Sport, is a strong and well-built mobility scooter. The Wisging Folding scooter does a great job, considering it’s a folding scooter. Finally, the Livewell Jaunt is by far the best budget option, and will do a solid job.

We talked about the most important aspects to consider when evaluating each scooter, in our pros and cons.

And we discussed how to choose the one that best meets your needs.

Good luck and enjoy using whichever mobility scooter you choose.