Best Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter UK

Here’s a good one for you, we’re going huge on our analysis of the Best Ultra Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter UK.

Foldable scooters have become the most popular

Even in the last year, Google searches for “folding mobility scooter” have skyrocketed in the UK. It’s being searched as many as 10k times per month in the UK alone.

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What’s the reason for this popularity? Well, it’s because in the last few years technology has reached the point where folding, collapsible mobility scooters are just as good quality as non-folding ones, and with several major advantages.

One of these key advantages is that they’re portable, so you can take it with you anywhere. You can fold them up, put them in the boot of your car, go on a trip, and then unfold your scooter and use it once you’ve reached your destination.

The mobility scooters we’ve reviewed for you are also ultra lightweight. Every aspect of day-to-day life using your scooter is easier when it’s lightweight. When you need to fold up your mobility scooter, and put it in the car boot, it’s easier. Getting on and off public transport is much more hassle-free.

So let’s look at these modern, travel friendly scooters, then. Check out our reviews of the best ones and find our more about the pros and cons of using each different type.

Best Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter UK

Best Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter List

Let’s check out the best lightweight, folding mobility scooters in the UK.

How did we pick the top scooter models?

Firstly, they had to meet our quality criteria. It doesn’t really matter how light the scooter is if it’s rubbish, right?

So we investigated the manufacturer, their production processes, the quality of the materials they use to make their scooters. We checked out their after-care, customer service, and whether they seem to care about their customers after a sale, or not.

And we checked out the scooters themselves for their power, reliability, build quality, comfort, speed.

Since you’re here looking for a specific type of scooter, that is a foldable, lightweight scooter, there are certain needs and desires you have. So, we examined the following:

  • How easily they fold up and down
  • How long they take to collapse
  • What size they are once folded
  • How lightweight they are
  • Whether they’re auto-folding or not

If you’re in a rush, here are the basic specifications of the winning models of foldable mobility scooter.

BATTERYDrive Devilbiss Automatic Folding ScooterBetty & Bertie Lupin Easy FoldingWISGING FoldingDrive Devilbiss Elite AutoFold
3/4 WHEEL4334
DIMENSIONS (CM)96L x 62W x 88H101L x 56W x 87H89.9L x 52.1W x 74.9H94H x 45W x 96H
PRICE (£ to £££)££££££££

Foldable, Light Mobility Scooter Reviews

Here are our full reviews of each mobility scooter.

We let you know the pros and cons of each model, and how you can decide between them to choose the right one for you.

Drive Devilbiss Automatic Folding

Pros and who needs this scooter:

Trusted and reliable scooter and maker
The Drive Devilbiss has been one of the top sellers on the UK market since 2018; there’s now plenty of highly positive reviews, showing that people are happy they bought this scooter. Drive Medical are the manufacturers; they’re a well-established quality maker of mobility scooters and wheelchairs. They have a UK office, with USA headquarters.

Manoeuvrability is excellent
It turned really well in our testing. The turning circle AKA turning radius, (the minimum diameter required to make a circular turn) is 120cm. That’s far, far better than the vast majority of scooters on the market, which can be up to 220cm. So you get really good manoeuvrability. That’s a huge advantage and crucial if you’re planning to use your mobility scooter in supermarkets/shops, on public transport or in hospitals (mobility scooters and access to hospitals) or other indoor spaces. That makes it one of the only scooters that meet the CPT (Confederation of Public Transport) guidelines for mobility scooter access to buses! (They require a maximum of 120cm.)

It’s much cheaper than the Elite model of the Drive Devilbiss range.
In fact, it’s fully £400-500 cheaper. So you get the Drive Devilbiss quality at relatively low cost. And it has better range (13 miles compared to 9 miles) and better turning circle (120cm compared to 150cm).

The automatic folding function works well
It’s genuinely one-button push and it’s done, in just a few seconds. That’s unlike some other remote-control auto-fold scooters, where there’s some fiddling to do yourself as well.

Cons and why this light scooter is not for you:

Range is just okay
The range is 13 miles. That’s more than the new Elite model (which has a range of just 9 miles) but less than our the Wisging and Betty & Bertie scooters on this list. They’ll keep going for 15 miles and 21 miles, respectively. And you’ll get a lot more than that with some of the bigger Class 3 models (range is always going to be smaller with smaller, more portable scooters).

The seat’s a little small for some users
It’s 41cm wide. That’s not bad, and remember smaller-sized features like this are inevitable when you’re looking for something small, lightweight and portable. But you do get a much bigger 55cm with the Drive Devilbiss Elite model.

It also achieved No.2 on our list of the top mobility scooters in the UK, of all kinds.

Where to get it?

The lowest priced seller is here, on Amazon.

Betty & Bertie Lupin

Pros and who needs this folding scooter:

It’s very light
Even on a list of lightweight scooters, the Betty & Bertie Lupin model is ultra light. At only 23kg, this is the lightest on our list of the best folding mobility scooters, and one of the lightest in the world. That means it’s anywhere from 50% to as little as 20% of the weight of most scooters on the market.

It’s easy to take anywhere eg. buses and trains
Despite the lack of auto-fold (more on that later), it folds down effortlessly, in a few seconds. There’s a carry handle bar that you can pull out from under the scooter and then you can pull it along and then store it (which is easy since it’s so light). Some coach operators only allow mobility scooter access for folding scooters, and the Lupin makes it hassle-free to fold and transport.

Simply huge range
The range is 21 miles, that’s enormous. That’s double or triple the range of most portable, fold up mobility scooters. The only scooters that can beat this are top-of-the-rage Class 3 scooters, like the Veleco Faster scooter and the Veleco ZT15. And these are much bigger (the Veleco Faster is heavier by more than 100kg!) with large battery packs (with 4 or 5 batteries). We were highly impressed with how long this scooter lasted on one charge.

Impressive power and speed
This is the only lightweight, foldaway mobility scooter that can reach 8mph (what’s a mobility scooter’s maximum speed?). It handles grass, gravel and other uneven surfaces surprisingly easily for such a lightweight scooter. The Lupin is quite new, released in July of 2021, and we believe its likely to use the latest generation of Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. That’s how it’s able to deliver so much power with only one battery.

Cons and why this scooter is not for you:

No automatic folding
It’s similarly priced to the Drive Devilbiss Automatic Folding Scooter, our No.1, even a little more expensive, but unlike that model, it doesn’t have automatic folding.

For lighter users only
We’ve mentioned how light and compact this scooter is, and the excellent range. But it comes at a cost, so to speak, and that is that the Lupin isn’t suitable for heavier drivers. The maximum user weight is just 15.7 stones (100kg).

Where to get it?

Here’s the best priced seller, check it out.

Wisging Scooter Folding

Pros and who needs this model:

The best value mobility scooter on the market in the UK
It’s the cheapest model on this list, yet it stacks up well against even the best ones. The 15 mile range is truly excellent for a relatively low-priced scooter (but be aware it may not reach this with heavier users, more on that later). And it’ll deal well with steeper inclines, even up to 15 degrees.

Easily fits into even the smallest car boots
It’s dimensions are 89.9 x 52.1 x 74.9 centimetres. That’s comfortably the smallest of the best folding, lightweight mobility scooters. You’re also more likely to be allowed access on trains on your mobility scooter when it’s so small.

Folds fast and easily
We had our doubts about Wisging’s stated 3 second folding time. But you can do it that fast (once you know what you’re doing). And it’s genuinely easy to do, as well.

Cons and why this one is not for you:

It struggled with a heavier rider
Power was good with a lighter rider, but there issues when heavier users got on. Then, it seemed to struggle to get up slopes, even fairly minor ones. And it had similar struggles on uneven, rough terrain.

No automatic folding
Some people won’t care about this, since it’s fast and simple to fold. But if your mobility issues don’t allow you to do this, check out the two Drive Devilbiss models on this list – they both have auto-folding capabilities, by remote control.

Where to get it?

You can check it out on Amazon, here.

Drive Devilbiss Elite AutoFold

Pros and who needs this model of scooter:

Very smooth ride
The key advantage of the Elite model is the exceptionally smooth ride. There’s Shock Absorbing suspension at both the front and rear. And we certainly felt the difference, compared to other folding mobility scooters. Even on uneven, coarse ground, it still felt nice and smooth.

The best lightweight mobility scooter for heavier drivers.
It had the best ability to cope with more weight. It retained power well, even on slopes. That’s thanks to quite a powerful motor and the latest Lithium battery technology, providing the power to the motor.

The seating was comfortable
Adding to better facility for heavier users was the seating. It’s got one of the widest seats on the market, at 55cm. And the removable armrests give you still more space, as and when they’re needed.

Cons and why this lightweight, folding scooter is not for you:

It’s expensive
It’s the latest automatic folding model by Drive Devilbiss, introduced in October 2021. That means its technology is up-to-date. It’s slimmer than the previous model, our No.1, which has some manoeuvrability advantages, and it’ll charge faster.

Range is poor
The range is just 9.3 miles. That’s as far as you’ll get without needing to charge. A Drive Devilbiss mobility scooter has market-leading build quality, but if you’re planning any long-distance journeys, this isn’t the scooter for you.

Where to get it?

The best priced seller we found is right here.

Do All Lightweight Mobility Scooters Have A Lithium Battery?


All the scooters in this list do. The only way a mobility scooter can be lightweight and yet still have enough power is to use a Lithium (LiFePO4 battery).

Lithium batteries are a lot more powerful than lead-acid batteries, and they’re much lighter, too!

Here are the best mobility scooter Lithium batteries in the UK.

What are the advantages of light fold up mobility scooters?

They’re easier to manoeuvre wherever you take them.

At home, they can be far simpler to take into your home, up a few steps, if need be. If you’ve got a mobility scooter shed or storage shelter, it’ll go in and out more easily.

You can fit them comfortably into the boot of a car for longer journeys. The ones on this list also fold up very easily for that purpose; ease of folding was a crucial aspect we considered for these mobility scooter reviews and ratings.

You’ll move around shops easier, since they have a better turning radius than larger scooters, and take up less space in a shops aisle. And lighter scooters are much more likely to be allowed into shops.

What’s the difference between a “transportable” and a “folding” scooter?

Sometimes a scooter will be advertised as transportable or portable. Typically this means it can be separated into several pieces, normally 5 pieces. As you can imagine, this takes more time and is quite labour intensive.

The folding/foldable scooters on this page have all been chosen because they can be folded up quickly enough and with little physical effort.

Some mobility scooters for heavier people can be stronger if they’re the transportable type, rather than folding.

Is ability to go up steep slopes important to you?

Do you live on quite a steep hill? Or are you planning longer journeys and may encounter some inclines?

If so, this article has the best mobility scooter for steep hills UK. And check out our Green Power mobility scooter reviews, for some of the most powerful scooters on slopes.

Best Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter UK Summary

We talked about the most important aspects to consider when choosing the best lightweight folding mobility scooter for you.

That includes how easily and quickly it folds up, how light it actually is, and whether it meets your needs in all respects, including whether it is strong enough for your weight, and how well-built and reliable it is.

Those, then, are the aspects we analysed and considered in our reviews of the top light, foldaway scooters on the UK market.

We told you the pros and cons of each model and which type of person each one is suitable for.

The Drive Devilbiss Automatic Folding Scooter was our No.1, largely due to its reliability, build quality and excellent manoeuvrability. It just edged out the Betty & Bertie Lupin, which is the lightest and most transportable of these car boot scooters. The Wisging foldable scooter was the smallest, and the best budget option; while the Drive Devilbiss Elite was the most comfortable and strongest option for heavier riders; but was also the most expensive.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the analysis and have a better idea how to choose your scooter. Enjoy!