Cool Mobility Scooter

Where are all the cool mobility scooters, we can hear you shouting amidst all the serviceable, sensible (AKA dull) ones?

Well, yes. Quite. Where are they?

Well, here.

We’ve found the cool ones for you.

Check out these cool, beautiful scooter models and wow your family, friends and neighbours.

Apologies in advance if this scooter makes you too popular, and you can barely move without people crowding around you to talk about it!

Cool Mobility Scooter

Introducing: Cool Mobility Scooter

So what makes a mobility scooter cool, then?

Well, it’s completely and utterly subjective, isn’t it?

And, yet. Yet. There are some things that are just objectively cool, right?

The cool criteria

1) Firstly, it’s gotta actually work.

There’s nothing cool about a pretty but effectively useless product.

A truly, deeply cool thing has both style and substance.

2) It’s got to look great.

Let’s be real, this is probably the main thing you’re looking for. Appearances aren’t everything, hence what we said in criterion no.1. But you’re looking for a cool scooter, and that most certainly means cool-looking.

3) Whizzability

What do you mean, that’s not a word?!

Okay, yep, on reflection, that is indeed not a word.

But you know, what we mean?

It’s not cool if you put your foot down and wait… and wait… then wait some more. Oh, did it move? Well, yes it is technically moving.

Mobility scooters in the UK are limited to an 8mph maximum speed. So don’t worry, we’re not talking dangerous speeds. Just a nice little zip when you put your foot down, if indeed that’s what you want to do.

Cool Vespa Vibes

Green Power ZT500

What’s cool about it, then:

Just look at it!

Well, yeah. It’s a beauty, no? More like a cool, man(/lady)-about-town moped, than a mobility scooter. With it’s big headlight, indicators and rear-view mirrors, that perception is not a passing fancy either.

It’s high spec
Green Power mobility scooters are known for being the highest spec, most feature-heavy mobility scooters on the market. You get a charging port, alarm system, and powerful lights. High quality front and rear suspension, and comfortable seat makes it a smooth ride. Comfort is cool, right? The cup holder, phone holder, rain cover are nice additions, too.

It can really shift
A massive 900W motor provides, no exaggeration, 7 or 8 times more power than some of the other top scooters on the UK market. The only reason for the top speed being 8mph is that that’s the legal limit for a mobility scooter in the UK! But even so, and possibly more importantly, it accelerates nicely and smoothly. This is a Class 3 scooter, meaning you can drive it on the road (and here are the mobility scooter rules of the road).

The price is cool
It really is. That doesn’t mean it’s cheap. It’s certainly still a hefty investment. It’s just that it’s a good price for a mobility scooter that is much better and higher spec than many others, yet the others cost more!

Anything that’s not so cool?

The battery is lead-acid
For such a high spec scooter, we’re disappointed they didn’t include a Lithium battery. Lead acid batteries are so 80s (pretty sure they were invented before that, but you know what we mean!).

Its a bit hefty
Cool means bright and breezy, n’est pas? Well at 105kg, it’s not going to blow away in the wind, let’s say that. It’s a large beast, as well. If portability and manoeuvrability are cool, then this ain’t.

Check out our review of Green Power scooters.

Where can you buy it, then?

Here’s where you can get it on Amazon.

Scooter with sporty chic vibes


Let’s hear the cool credentials:

To our eyes, it looks sporty

The snazzy silver finish. Classic scooter handlebars. It’s very different to the Green Power ZT500, but we feel it’s cool in an entirely different way. Kind of like a young ‘uns scooter but a sit-on one.

Impossibly light, and yet strong
Good, well-made technology is always cool. The mLite is made with lightweight materials, but with an extremely sturdy construction.

It folds up brilliantly
It’s simple to fold up for transport. Take it on trains, buses or into the back of a car. Even on a plane. But not only that, it looks great folded up, too. Kind of like a Transformers (ask one of the little ones) scooter. It folds up super compactly. When combined with its super light weight, we come to the following conclusion: convenience is most definitely cool.

Comes with a Li-ion battery
The mLite scooter does have a Lithium battery. That means it copes better with extreme and regular charge-discharge cycles.

What’s uncool about it?

It’s range is decidedly uncool
Range being how long it’ll last on a single charge. Just 6 miles, that’s not really enough for longer journeys.

Here is a full mLite scooter review.

Where is the best place to get it?

See it on Amazon here.

Scooter with sporty chic vibes

Betty & Bertie Zinnia

Why is it cool, then?

Red and black beauty

The Betty & Bertie Zinnia is probably more of a traditional-looking mobility scooter than the other cool mobility scooters on this list. But we do like the red and black colour, especially since the red really pops.

Remote control fold up
A modern feature, and decidely a cool one, we reckon. Fold it up quickly, easily and smoothly with the touch of a button. Very convenient, that is.

Extremely well made
Betty & Bertie scooters are some of the best quality out there. It’s a good all-rounder, with quite a long range (at 12 miles, double that of the mLite scooter), and ability to fold up for taking on public transport.

Uncool credentials?

It’s quite dear
You’re paying for the quality with the Zinnia, to be sure. It’s more expensive than most mobility scooters.

It’s not the fastest
With a maximum speed of 4mph, you’re not zipping around too fast on this scooter anytime soon.

Where can you buy it?

Here’s the price and specifications on Amazon.

Cool Mobility Scooter Summary

Well. those were the cool mobility scooters.

Hopefully, you now feel refreshed by the summery, cool breeze that is checking out these super-cool scooters.

We had the Vespa-esque moped vibes of the Green Power ZT500. You get a feature-packed scooter, which is loaded with a zesty power. It’s chunky, though.

Then there was the mLite mobility scooter. It’s unmatched for convenience, and has a youthful charm. A proper lightweight, foldable scooter. It’s not cool for longer journeys, however. :/

Finally, the Betty & Bertie Zinnia, with cool remote control fold-up capabilities and more traditional mobility scooter looks, albeit bedecked with snazzy bright red aspects.

Thanks for reading!