Green Power Mobility Scooter Reviews

They’ve been on our radar for a while, let’s get to our Green Power Mobility Scooter Reviews.

We put them to the test, and let you know if they’re worth the money, and if so which one will suit your needs best.

The best Green Power scooter model overall is the Fastest – in grey and red. The top-performer for manoeuvring was the ZT500 – in black and red, and the best mobility scooter for slope/off-road use is the Green Power JH500.

Best overall mobility scooter

Green Power Fastest

Motor power: 1000W
Battery type: Lithium Ion
Battery size: 20Ah/60V
Range: 45 miles

Best for manoeuvring

Green Power ZT500

Motor power: 900W
Battery type: Lead Acid
Battery size: 20Ah/48V
Range: 35 miles

green power scooter for slope offroad

Green Power JH500

Motor power: 800W
Battery type: Lead Acid
Battery size: 20Ah/60V
Range: 45 miles

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In other words, if it’s about mobility scooters, we’re into it.

What did we take into consideration in our reviews of the Green Power mobility scooters?

We tested the following factors:

  • Ride quality (it doesn’t matter how technically impressive a scooter is if it’s not a smooth ride, right?)
  • Comfort (how comfy the seat is on long journeys, for example)
  • Power (particularly on slopes and on rough surfaces like grass or gravel)
  • Type and size of battery
  • Motor quality

Best Green Power Scooters

Green power mobility scooter reviews

Rating the Green Power Mobility Scooters

Let’s check out these scooters then!

What struck us most about the Green Power mobility scooters was their power and capabilities compared to most of the rest of the market.

Firstly, here’s what all the Green Power scooters have in common:

Green Power scooter point of difference: The most high spec mobility scooters on the market.

This can be observed clearly when you analyse some of the their features and specs compared to other mobility scooters.

The Green Power scooters, have the highest range, by, well a distance.

We’ve collated the rest of the market, and below are our findings, regarding range.

Graph - Green Power Mobility Scooter range vs the market

The average range of a mobility scooter on the UK market is 12.97 miles.

The Green Power mobility scooter range has an average range of 40 miles. That’s quite a difference.

How about the power of the scooter’s motor?

Well here were our findings:

Motor power of scooter Chart comparison

The average power of a mobility scooter is 215.6W, across the UK market.

The Green Power scooters have motor power from 600 to 1000W.

Why is there SUCH a big difference in these scooters compared to others on the market?

Frankly, it’s because most manufacturers in this market haven’t changed or updated the components, parts and designs

That’s not saying they’re using old parts from 20 years ago. It’s just saying that the manufacturer is still making those exact same components with the same technology in the same way.

Green Power scooters use updated technology and parts throughout each aspect of their scooters.

Best overall mobility scooter

Green Power Fastest

Pros and who needs this :

It has the most powerful motor
It’s a 1000W motor. Here’s a snapshot of our graph from above comparing Green Power motor to the market average, for the Fastest model specifically:

1000w motor of Green Power Faster

Sometimes a particular spec can not really reflect reality; but in this case, the Fastest scooter motor power provides power and acceleration beyond other scooters.

It’s the best for a heavy user
In our eyes, it’s, by quite some distance, the best scooter on the market for a heavy person to use. The maximum recommended weight is 37 stone. Given that most other mobility scooters have a maximum user weight between 14 to 20 stone, you can easily see the difference. It’s not just that it can “handle” a heavier user. It’s that it does so easily. The build quality of the Green Power Fastest is excellent, you’ll feel safe, secure and confident that the thing you’re sitting on is sturdy enough for you. And then there’s the power. Pretty much whatever weight the user is, it retains its strong power. You still have plenty of zip in your acceleration, and it’ll confidently take you up steep slopes as well.

It has a Lithium Battery
Don’t underestimate the significance of that. We’ve done plenty of testing of Lithium vs. Lead acid batteries, and Lithium batteries provide more power, last longer on each charge and have a MUCH longer lifespan. The Fastest’s battery quality is fine, and you can expect it to last for as long as 2 or 3 lead acid batteries would! Take that into account when considering the

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It’s the heaviest
There’s no doubt this is one of the heaviest scooters on the UK market. So we’d advise considering how you’re going to be using your scooter before making your purchase. For example, will the scooter need to be lifted into your storage shed every time you put it away after using it? If so, consider that this will be extremely difficult to do on your own, given the weight of this scooter.

It’s expensive
It’s Green Power’s most expensive model. There’s a reason for that – it has the biggest motor, a Lithium battery and is arguably the most powerful and feature-packed mobility scooter on the market.

Not that easy to manoeuvre
In our tests, the turning circle was pretty large. If you’re going to be using your scooter in tight spaces, this may not be the right one for you. It’s a powerful, road-worthy beast – you can’t have it all!

Where can you buy it, then?

Here’s the lowest cost way we found to get it, this seller on Amazon – for the grey colour model/ and for the red colour model.

Best for manoeuvring

Green Power ZT500

Pros and who needs this :

Honestly, we’re surprised at the price of the ZT500 compared to other scooters on the market. Considering the build quality of Green Power scooters, their power and rage, as well as how feature packed they are, you can certainly pay a lot more for a scooter elsewhere on the market, with a lot less going for it.

More manoeuvrable than other Green Power scooters
Compared to the Fastest and JH500, this model is easier to manoeuvre. It’s lighter and we found that it can turn more easily in tight spaces. It’s all relative though, we must say that. See our Cons section for more on this.

Faster charging
You’ll get a full charge in just 4-6 hours. The batteries used by Green Power are pretty high spec; that’s why they’ll charge a lot faster than most scooters.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

Other scooters are more suited for tight spaces
As we said, it’s all relative. If you’ve selected a Green Power mobility scooter as the right maker for you, and you want to get the most easy-to-manoeuvre model, then get the ZT500. But if you’re going to be using your scooter indoors (in places like shopping centres or hospitals) or taking it on trains or buses, or somewhere with tight corners, you’re much better off getting a fold up, lightweight mobility scooter. Bear in mind that these folding scooters, of course, will be less sturdy, less powerful, and less suitable for heavier riders.

Smaller range than other scooters by this maker
The other scooters on this list have a range up to a massive 45 miles. We’ll already mentioned in the main section how vastly superior this is to the rest of the market. The ZT500’s 35 mile range is also a lot greater than the average, but not quite as good as the JH500 and Fastest models.

FYI, we also rate this as one of the coolest mobility scooters on the UK market.

Where can you get it?

You can see the Green Power ZT500, at lowest cost, right here for the black model. And the red model, here.

green power scooter for slope offroad

Green Power JH500

Pros and who needs this :

Cheaper than the Fastest
Typically, you’ll get the Green Power JH500 for around £100 less than the Fastest. And what’s actually different about them? Well, the JH500 has a Lead-acid battery, which is not as long-lasting, nor as powerful as a Lithium battery, which the Fastest has. And the Fastest has a more powerful motor, at 1000 Watts, compared the JH500’s 800W motor.

The best on the slopes
You’ll be hard pushed to find a mobility scooter that’s better on the slopes than this one, certainly at this price range. By our testing, only much, much more expensive offroad scooters are able to match or exceed the JH500’s ability to go up steep hills.

The smoothest ride
We found the ride on this model to be the smoothest. Even on rough terrain, such as grass, it handled it well, without too much difference compared to smooth concrete.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It has a Lead acid battery
As we mentioned earlier, Lead acid batteries are more likely to need replacing sooner than Lithium batteries.

Slightly less powerful motor
Is it worth paying the extra £100 or so for a more powerful motor? We’d say, if you’re a heavier user, that additional power could be worth it. But that entirely depends on your budget. If you’re relatively light, this JH500 model could be pretty much the same performance as the Fastest model.

Where can you get the Green Power JH500?

Here’s the best place to get it.

How to choose which Green Power Mobility Scooter is best for you?

Here’s how to pick the right one for your unique needs.

Is the scooter user on the heavier side?

If the scooter rider is heavy, then you’ll need the most power you can get, and the most well-made, sturdy scooter.

The Green Power Fastest is that, not just for the Green Power mobility scooters, but in the market as a whole.

Do you want a Lithium battery mobility scooter?

If so, then the Green Power Fastest is the scooter for you.

Do you need a 3 or 4 wheel scooter?

To be honest, it doesn’t make a massive difference whether you get a 3 or 4 wheel scooter in most aspects. But what you do find is that the turning circle is much smaller (that means it can turn better) with a 3 wheel scooter.

Some poorer quality, lightweight 3 wheel scooters have less stability, but that’s not an issue with a Green Power scooter.

Each Green Power scooter has good build quality, and they’re all Class 3 scooters, meaning they’re safe for road use.

Are you looking for a mobility scooter that’s good on hills?

For many people, this is a crucial issue when choosing a mobility scooter. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of people buying a scooter which is great on the level but struggles badly on any steep hills or slopes.

This is where the Green Power scooters excel. In our tests, they were all great at climbing high gradients. The JH500 was the best of all, with the Fastest very similar.

Do you need a scooter with the most quality at the lowest possible price?

We feel the ZT500 is incredible value. Not that’s it not a lot of money, but when you look at the market, you realise something.

You realise that there are scooters that are twice the price, but with old technology and not comparable in terms of power or in the features and comfort aspects.

Green Power Mobility Scooter Reviews Summary

Thanks for reading our Green Power Mobility Scooter Reviews.

We checked out what this brand of scooters brings to the table. They certainly have the most power and longest range on the market. They’re well made and made with high quality components and parts.

Why is their range and motor power so much higher than the rest of the market? Simply, that they’re more updated technology, whereas many scooter makers haven’t changed the type of parts they use in the last 10-15 years.

The best overall was the Fastest model. The most manoeuvrable was the Green Power ZT500; and the best for slopes and offroad use was the Green Power JH500.

Good luck with your choice.