MLite Mobility Scooter Review

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This is our MLite mobility scooter review.

It’s made by Motion Healthcare, a British manufacturer. And it’s a 4-wheel, lightweight, folding scooter.

Check out the specifications below, and then read our full rating and analysis. Then, if you like, check out price on Amazon.

mLite Mobility Scooter, by Motion Healthcare

  • No. wheels: 4
  • Weight: 17.8kg
  • Max rider weight: 18.1 stones (115kg)
  • Range: 6 miles
  • Dimensions: 85L x 42W x 75H cm
  • Folded Dimensions: 65L x 42W 28H cm
  • Motor: 180W
  • Battery: Li-ion

What was the criteria used to consider the mLite mobility scooter?

We tested it for :

  • Power, particularly on rough terrain
  • Ease of folding up and down
  • Build quality
  • Distance covered on one charge (aka range)
  • Comfort and ride smoothness
  • Type and quality of battery
mlite mobility scooter review

Rating the Motion Healthcare mLite Mobility Scooter

Here are the pros and cons of the mLite foldable scooter.

We’ll also talk about what type of scooter user would need this type, to help you make your decision on whether it’s right for you or not.

mLite Mobility Scooter

Pros and who needs this scooter:

It’s *super* lightweight
How to best express this? The mLite scooter makes a mockery of some other mobility scooters on the market that are marketed as “lightweight”. 17.8kg is the weight. That’s light enough than many people will be able to lift it up if any scenario occurs that requires it.

UK Brand
Motion Healthcare are a well-stablished UK brand, located just outside the centre of London. Some will prefer making such a sizeable investment from a local company, who are more contactable and accountable than a foreign based maker.

It’s really well-made
Honestly, some lightweight, folding scooters seem flimsy, like a strong breeze would cause havoc with them. The mLite is sturdy, both when it’s folded and when it’s unfolded. It feels strong when you sit on it, again not always the case with lighter scooters.

Folds up very small (and easily)
A sign of the mLite mobility scooter’s quality engineering. There are one or two scooters on the market of similar size to the mLite, and one that’s even slightly lighter (check out the eFoldi scooter here, but be aware it costs a lot more); but none even come close for how small they fold up. And crucially, for older and more infirm people, it doesn’t take a lot of strength or effort to fold up and down; and it takes just a matter of seconds.

Negative aspects and why this scooter model is not for you:

Low range
Its ultra-low weight does come at one cost. The range is one of the lowest on the market, at around 6 miles. That’s despite being Lithium ion battery scooter, which has several advantages over lead-acid batteries. Long trip planned? Not on this scooter, you don’t. Do the math, as the Americans would say. Have a look at how far you’re likely to go on your scooter, and see if it’s longer than 6 miles or not.

Small seat back could be a comfort issue for some people
You may have noticed from the pictures that the Motion Healthcare mLite has a small back. And sure enough, in practice, it’s not the best support for your back. It’s certainly not uncomfortable; in our testing no-one had any pain or discomfort from our fairly short journeys. It could be an issue for anyone who wanted to make long journeys. Which is not really possible with the mLite anyway; leading us to recommend this scooter only for people whose journeys will be of the shorter variety.

Where can you buy it?

You can check it out here, on Amazon.

mLite Mobility Scooter Review Summary

That concludes our mLite Mobility Scooter Review.

It’s certainly a well-made mobility scooter, and extremely light. We’ve heard good reports on its reliability over the longer term, as well. When we come to update our best lightweight, folding mobility scooter article, it’s going to cause upheaval for sure. It’s a cool mobility scooter, for sure.

But with a low range, and short backrest, it’s not suitable for anyone who wants to make long journeys. You can work out yourself if it’ll have enough “gas” for the journeys you want to make.

Check out mLite’s specs and more details here. All the best.