eFOLDi Mobility Scooter Review

Hello and welcome to our eFOLDi Mobility Scooter review.

This scooter has been around for a while, and we’ve heard good things. So we thought we’d check it out.

Here’s the basic information and statistics you need to know about the Efoldi, below. Including the lowest cost seller. Then go on and read the full review with our full analysis from testing.

eFOLDi Mobility Scooter

  • Weight: 17kg
  • Dimensions: 121x 56x 83cm
  • Max. speed: 8mph
  • Range: 14 miles
  • Wheels: 3
  • Max. user weight: 19 stone (120kg)

How did we come to our conclusion about whether the eFOLDi was any good or not?

Well, we put it through its paces.

We then rated it for:

  • Build quality and sturdiness
  • Power (how well it was able to reach and maintain top speed)
  • Comfort and smoothness of the ride
  • Ease of folding up and folding down
  • Power on slopes
  • General ease of use
efoldi mobility scooter review

Rating the efoldi

Where we get down to brass tacks, as they say. What did our testing reveal as the good and bad aspects of this scooter?

eFOLDi scooter

Pros and what type of person needs this mobility scooter, specifically:

It’s *really* light
To say that it’s lightweight almost feels like an understatement. It’s spectacularly light. 17kg! Typically, when we analyse lightweight scooters, we’re talking about 24-28kg, and this is a darn sight lighter. It’s barely 1% of the weight of a giraffe, did you know… (which means nothing, except that we happen to have been reading about giraffes recently!). Here was our analyst’s opinion – the exceptional lightness does make a difference in daily life. There’s the obvious stuff, like how easy it is to put it, folded up, into your car, or moving it into place on the bus or train. Then, there’s the little things you may not think about, the things that could be a problem in a heavier scooter. If you find yourself in a tight spot, it’s much easier to shift it and put it right. That can be almost impossible for a typical mobility scooter driver with some of the heavy scooters on the market. And its lightness makes it easier for whichever mobility scooter storage solution you have.

More than decent range
The range is 14 miles. That’s more than the vast majority of scooters on the market. It’s great for a fold up, lightweight scooter; this range is more than some of the top non-folding scooters, which can traditionally pack more power in. Even some of the top non-folding scooters can only manage 10 miles. Those extra few miles can really make a difference

Highly convenient for transport
We touched on this, earlier. But it’s not just the lightness of the eFOLDi mobility scooter. One of the best aspects is the size and shape if folds up to. Some mobility scooters are the folding type, but they just don’t fold up that nicely; they have an awkward shape, that means they’re still a little inconvenient for taking around with you. This scooter folds into the shape of a slim suitcase, that makes it ideal for wheeling around. And not too big on any particular dimension. Which makes it fairly smooth to lift into shelves or luggage bays on public transport, planes, and car boots. These kinds of detail are why the eFOLDi is one of the best folding, lightweight mobility scooters on the UK market.

It’s UK road legal (and quick enough)
The eFOLDi meets all the necessary requirements for mobility scooter road use – it’s classified as a Class 3 scooter. If you’re going to drive a mobility scooter on the road, you want to it have a bit of zip to keep you safe when manoeuvring in traffic; and this scooter has that. By the way, you don’t need insurance, you don’t need a licence and you don’t need to pay vehicle tax. The only thing you need to do if you’re going to use it on the road, is to register it with the DVLA. Don’t worry, that’s a case of just filling in a form, it’s not difficult or time-consuming.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It’s expensive
That’s certainly the biggest drawback and the main reason we could find that you wouldn’t get the eFOLDi scooter. You’re paying for the overall quality, how well made it is, and specifically that it’s lightweight, foldable and yet still strong and powerful enough for most people. Only you can decide if these factors are enough for you to shell out quite a hefty amount of cash on it.

Taller, heavier users may need another kind of scooter
From our testing, users had a great driving experience. However, the tallest and heaviest user (6 ft, 19 stone) found that the seat was slightly small for them. For users with similar proportions, we’d say this type of scooter, that is, a very lightweight, folding scooter is perhaps not right for your needs. eFOLDi recommend the maximum weight of a user to be 19 stone. If you’re close to this, it may be wise to look at another scooter.

Where to get it?

This is comfortably the lowest priced seller we could find, right here.

eFOLDi Review Summary

There you go, then. That’s our eFOLDi mobility scooter review, done and dusted.

There’s a reason, then, for it’s growing reputation. It’s a lightweight, folding scooter, and certainly one of the best of its type. It’s really, really light. And yet well made and sturdy, too. These aspects alone will make it the scooter of choice for many people

Then consider that it has a Lithium mobility scooter battery – which is very light and will last longer than a lead-acid battery. And then you can add an excellent range, and great transportability to its list of attributes.

After extensive testing, our only drawback was that it’s not best suited to larger people (on that note, here are the best scooters for heavier adults in the UK). That, and the price tag.

Good luck with whatever your decision on the eFOLDi scooter is.