Super Handy Mobility Scooter Review

Next up under the microscope is the Super Handy scooter.

It has exploded in popularity in the last year or so. By far the most sought after models are the ultra-light, folding scooters ones, and this model certainly meets that criteria, as we’ll go on to discuss. In this article, we’ll be checking out if it lives up to its billing in practice.

Yes, this is our Super Handy Mobility Scooter Review.

Here’s a quick summary of its vital statistics. See what you think, then read the full analysis after that. Or check out full specs on Amazon now.

Super Handy Mobility Scooter

  • Weight: 11.8kg
  • Dimensions: 102 x 61 x 94 cm
  • Maximum driver weight: 19 stone 10lb (125kg)
  • Maximum speed: 3.7mph
  • Battery: Li-ion (48V, 2Ah)

What were the factors we tested for our Super handy mobility scooter review?

Well, we rated it for:

  • Ride smoothness (and ability to handle uneven ground)
  • Speed, acceleration and power
  • How well the battery lasted
  • Seat comfort and size
  • Turning radius (ie. how much space is needed to turn the scooter around)
  • Toughness and durability
  • Fold-up/fold-down ease (or otherwise!) and time taken
Super Handy Mobility Scooter Review

Rating the Super Handy 3 Wheel Folding Mobility Scooter

Where we get granular in our analysis: what exactly did we think; what were the best and worst aspects of this scooter.

Superhandy Scooter

What we liked and who may need this model:

A very surprising robustness
It’s fair to say we were concerned about the category of toughness and durability, when we first saw the specs of the Super Handy mobility scooter. Because: 11.8kg! That’s not just light (like the eFoldi ultra-lightweight scooter), it’s practically a “floats away in the breeze” amount of lightness. And yet, it really did surprise us. It’s a tough ol’ bird, it feels sturdy when you sit on it. And it moves well enough over rough terrain.

Folds up and down well
It folds up and down with the requisite balance of firmness yet suppleness that you want. And very importantly, it can be done without needing much strength or agility.

It’s extremely light
Which can make a big difference to how much improvement in the quality of your life you actually get with your mobility scooter. If you have stairs on the way to your home, that may have been an insurmountable obstacle, depending on your physical abilities. The Super Handy scooter is light enough that many people will be able to lift it up or down the stairs and carry on their way. If your scooter storage shelter or shed is on even a slightly raised area, it could be unmanageable to put it back, if you have a heavy scooter. If you haven’t used a mobility scooter, you may not be aware just how heavy many of them are, particularly Class 3 (road-worthy) scooters. Those ones and even lots of Class 2 scooters, are really small vehicles, rather than scooters as you think of them being.

As manouevreable as they come
3 wheel scooters tend to be more easy to turn in tight spaces than 4 wheel scooters. The Super Handy is no different, and perhaps even the best of them. We found we could turn 180 degrees even in a narrow corridor.

It has a Li-ion battery
Which means it’s likely to last better than a lead-acid battery would. Lithium ion batteries cope better with repeated charging and discharging. And they have lower self-discharge (how much charge it loses when it’s not being used).

The downsides and why it’s not for you:

A very short range
Around 6.5 miles on a full charge. That’s quite a lot less than you can get with the larger, heavier Class 3 scooters on the UK market. Ultra light, folding scooters tend to have smaller range; it’s the simple and unavoidable result of this trade-off: saving weight means having a smaller battery. One thing does offset this: Super Handy give you an additional battery. You can keep this fully charged in a compartment under the seat. Then, if you run out of juice while on a journey, you can change the battery to the fully charged one.

Not as stable as a larger 4 wheel scooter
Another inevitable trade-off. We’ve already said we were pleased with how well it handles and gets around. But it’s all relative. The Superhandy scooter has not got the same power and stability on rocky ground as you’ll get with a big Class 3 mobility scooter. Bear that in mind, mind how you go, turn carefully and you’ll be fine.

Where can you get it?

You can see the specs and pricing on Amazon, right here.

Super Handy Mobility Scooter Review Summary

Thanks for reading this Super Handy Mobility Scooter Review.

It certainly confounded our expectations on how light a scooter can be before it becomes not fit for purpose. Despite being incredibly lightweight, Super Handy have done a great job making it strong and sturdy enough for most users. Its lightness and manoeuvrability give it life-changing potential for those who may have found a heavier scooter too tough to deal with.

The distance you can travel on one charge is really quite short. This is not a scooter for long journeys on the road (here’s what you need to know about mobility scooter road rules in the UK), and nor is it the best if you need to traverse a lot of uneven surfaces.

Here’s where to see the Amazon price and detailed specifications.

Wishing you the best of luck with whatever decision you make.